Thursday, January 31, 2013

The crankies and crabbies

I should come with a label 'When showing signs of the crankies or crabbies, put outside and send on an adventure or to a fun location'. This warning label is for me. Not for J, though it's probably good for him too. Probably good for all of us.

The first two days of this week we stayed home because J's nose was congested. By Wednesday morning I was...full of those darn crankies and crabbies. They're little buggers, microscopic even, but when they get under your skin they're the darndest to get out. They sit there and stick and prickle you until every little thing just IRRITATES and ANNOYS you and beware anyone who is in your way. Ugh.

Thank goodness we had a zoo date scheduled for yesterday because I found the perfect way to melt all those crankies and crabbies away. Sunshine. Fun. Laughter. Joy. Encouragement. More Sunshine. Holding Hands. All these things happened and like magic and J and I came home peaceful, happy, together, laughing and remembering.

Before they could try and make a sneak attack on me today, we went to the park. And played in the sunshine and had a ton of fun with our friends, tried new things, invented new games and peed on pine cones (well J did, I didn't).

Outside at my house doesn't count as an adventure nor does running errands. It needs to be Someplace Else and doing Something Fun and where there are no lists to cross off, no weeds to pull, no stores to go to. You need to have Stories To Tell at the end of the day. There is plenty of time in our lives for the things that we think must be done. But when a bad case of the crankies and crabbies comes on, you gotta drop all that 'must be done' stuff and get yourself out there in the sunshine and having fun. Pretty sure your doctor can write you a prescription.

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