Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I have a weakness

I have a weakness. Legos. And trains. And J. I have three weaknesses: Legos, trains and J. J is the big one though. Went to Target today to get gifts for some kids and a few other things. Did great buying just what was on my list until we hit the Lego aisle and there was a Duplo set. That was a train. And J's eyes lit up and asked "can it go home with us?". I did pause, I really, really did. I almost put it back up on the shelf, reminding myself of The Compact and how J has some duplo already (which he LOVES) and then those eyes looked at me and I saw the train has blocks with NUMBERS on them (he's learning his numbers) and I gave up even trying to pretend that I wasn't going to get it for him. Using a 5% off coupon and a gift card. This Mama is weak but the boy is happy.

I wasn't going to work out today, we had errands to run and my legs are suspiciously sore from Pilates yesterday. I was putting things away in J's play room and he asked "potties mommy?" pointing at the cabinet where I keep bins of Plan Toys for him. Thinking he was talking about a toy/game and that I just didn't catch the name, I opened the cabinet. He pointed at the TV, "potties mommy?". My boy was telling me to do Pilates! So I did. I finished up the dvd I started yesterday and discovered that I gave up with only one exercise to go. Isn't that always the way? So feeling more robust, I walked for 35 minutes. That kid got me moving this morning! And he was sad when there weren't any other 'Potties' to do. I think he likes seeing his mommy on the ground not looking AT ALL like the lovely, lithe lady on the TV. The noises are pretty funny too.

It's been a pretty nice, sunny day today, no coat needed, so we played outside for a little bit and I rearranged some stuff in the yard and tossed/recycled some junk - feels pretty good to streamline things. I don't like random stuff just being there but sometimes I get too lazy to take care of it. Speaking of recycling, (nice segue, right?) if they really want us to be diligent about recycling they should pick it up EVERY week rather than every OTHER week. That really annoys me. My recycling bin is always full after a week.

Dinner tonight is Stuffed Potato Soup. I'm super excited to make this recipe up. I'm putting bacon and yukon gold potatoes in it. Two of my very favorite things. Even J paused in his saying "I don't like potato soup" to say "I like potato soup". Now if he eats some I will be victorious! "I don't like_____" is the phase du jour unfortunately. He did love the pretzels I made yesterday.

No games on TV tonight, nothing urgent to watch, my plan is to keep it off all night and play board games or do puzzles. Or to do art or crafting. Something, anything, other than the siren song of the TV. We have more get well cards to make today, both Grandpa's have had or are having surgery. Maybe we should start a side business, get well cards by J featuring loads of cotton balls and buttons. Any takers?

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  1. Heck ya I will take a kid made card:). Your soup sounds amazing. I am going to make chili tonight, if I have all of the ingredients. Enjoy your day!