Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Dive

Linking up to Five Minute Friday:

Word of the day is Dive. And....go....

Well the first thing that occurred to me is the diving trips I've taken over the years with my family, Bonaire and Saba and the true fun and joy we experienced on those trips. Which leads me to....

My son's room and how we had it painted as if it was underwater with all of our favorite fish from our dive trips and that leads me to...

Motherhood and how ecstatic I am that we dove into parenthood and that J is the result
and that leads me to...

How much fun I had with him today and how I love watching him blossom (is that a diaper I smell? I don't really love that part). Today we went to the gym for the first time and while at first he wanted just to watch, by the end he was high-fiving the teacher, listening (sort of) to direction and he didn't want to leave. We're going back every Friday :) and then we....

Went to Michaels where I am diving in to making wreaths (with found items from our vacation - mostly sticks with old mans beard on them) and making cards. A friend has inspired me, I love the freedom of the card making and the colors and papers and stamps and inks and I can't wait to just dive right in and make our own birthday cards, get well cards, holiday cards, baby cards, etc, etc, etc. I'm going to have so much fun and J is excited too. We will dive in together and isn't that the best part? Being together?


  1. Hi! Here from Five Minute Friday! Love the way you wrote this post. It was so fun and enjoyable and I love that you're creative. ;) Me? Not so much. LOL Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks :)
      I haven't felt crafty in years - I'm determined this year. :)

  2. Your son's room sounds so dreamy. I am starting to think about a theme for my boys' room. they are still in our room.

    1. J was in our room up until we got back from vacation. He was sleeping in his 'Big Boy Bed' for naps but not at night. After vacation we figured it was a good time to make the transition to his own room but I still sleep in there with him. Luckily the bed is comfy!

  3. I love J's room - absolutely love it. I happened upon a local artist as she was painting the drop boxes in front of the library and talked her into doing a mural in his room. She's incredible.