Monday, January 7, 2013

My first day back into, not reality since vacation is, of course, reality too, but into the swing of things? The groove? Whatever, I'm back. Trying to follow the new schedule of Mondays being our baking/errand running day, walking on the treadmill, trying Pilates, not looking like something the cat dragged in, cooking real food meals, not relying on the TV or computer games to entertain J, crafting something, Me Time, doing some art with J, my god. That's a lot for one day to handle not to mention me.

I did get up on the treadmill for my 30 minutes of walking up a sweat, I did try Pilates and made it though a good portion of the dvd before I gave in to hunger pains and turned it off. Plus trying to do a dvd in my son's play room was...interesting. Between the toys on the floor, the cat and kid who both wanted to cuddle me and not being able to hear the instructions because J was talking to me, I think I did ok. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed turning it off even more. I'll try to finish it up tomorrow and see how long this dvd actually is. I know that my core is weak and this is definitely going to help that. Felt pretty good just putting it in the dvd player actually - something I haven't managed to do for the past 6 months!

I trimmed J's hair today. I've been trimming his hair and the Pippins. J's doesn't save much money (Pips saves $75!) but he hates going to the hairdresser and ducks and dodges so I actually end up giving him a more even cut than she does. I guess I'm getting better? This cut is definitely less of a monk look. My little elf looks adorable no matter what his hair looks like. :) Besides I love cutting hair, D used to (used to) let me cut his hair back in the days when he could wear a baseball cap to work.

I spent the weekend in some truly nasty old sweats and old t-shirts I have. I didn't put on mascara and I didn't even put gel in my hair yesterday. As a result I didn't FaceTime with my brother when he asked knowing that I wouldn't want anyone to see me this way (sorry Drew). Silly? Quite probably.
Would my brother care or notice? Probably not. I cared. Not enough to go put mascara on but I definitely felt less than great. I should probably just donate those sweats, they're a crutch. Ok I'm doing it. Consider them gone! They're the last vestige of not making an effort to look decent.

Today I've baked pretzels, whole wheat bread and made pizza dough for dinner tonight. Pizza will be topped with homemade tomato sauce, provolone, free range pork sausage, and chard from our garden. Eating well and eating real isn't going to be much of a challenge. I love good food. It's skipping the snacks and eating well while out that's going to be hard.

Haven't done art with J yet, but we will as soon as he wakes up from nap. I think we will make a get well card for a friend of his who is in the hospital. I gave away the little table and chairs that we had previously used as his art table - the only place to do art now is at the breakfast room table. I do better without a fall back.

Haven't bought anything today, besides pizza for my friend who is with her daughter in the hospital and that doesn't count. So far my monthly 'Not in The Compact' tally is towels and a puzzle for J. Tomorrow we are running all our errands and I'm going to Target and Michaels. This should be interesting. Fingers crossed I stay strong.


  1. Wow, you are taking on a lot. I once thought about putting a DVD in to exercise while my children played around me. Yeah, that is how far I have gotten with that idea, the THOUGHT of it.
    And the baking, holy cripes, you are amazing to get that all done. I peeled potatoes and thought I was going to lose my mind with all of the interruptions. Do not get discouraged, you are doing a lot. Over time, you'll get into a groove. Until then, breathe.

    1. Breathing :) My neighbor reminds me to do the same (she's a yoga instructor).
      The baking is easier if I just do one right after the other, if there's any interruption forget it, I'm not coming back to it later unless I have to (and then I'm crabby about it).