Monday, January 14, 2013

Taking a Day Off

Well sort of. I'm still a full time mom and wife today. I'm not spending the day at the spa nor running away from home. What I did was give myself permission to not do anything I didn't want to. I didn't work out this morning. I didn't run errands. I just...enjoyed the morning. I got to have my tea while it was hot, I played rocket ship with J, I portioned up the soup and chili I made yesterday, I ordered D's birthday presents and some card-making goodies, made pretzels (per request of J), I'm going to start prepping dinner so I can have it on the table at a decent time and I'm sitting to write this post. All in all it has been a relatively stress free day.

Menu for this Week:

Monday - Spaghetti with chickpeas

Tuesday - Pasta e Fagioli (David Rocco)

Wednesday - Chili and Cornbread

Thursday - Country Split Pea Soup (The New England Soup Factory Cookbook)

Friday - Turban Squash Risotto

Saturday - Birthday Party

Sunday - Short Rib Ragu (Williams Sonoma Slow Cooker Cookbook)


  1. Sounds really relaxing! I love quiet days at home, and I think we all need more of them. Your dinners sound good, too-- I hope you're able to have a relatively relaxed week!

    1. I'm thrilled you stopped by Arianna! Your blog is one of my very favorites :)