Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I am not Super Woman

I am not Super Woman. I will give you a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor...

Zoo play date at 10am, J wants 'eatmeal' for breakfast and I've decided that tonight's dinner needs to be done in the slow cooker to simmer all day versus stove top for only 75 minutes. I also severely underestimated the time necessary for making said dinner. To say that the kitchen contained a whirling dervish of a woman this morning is an understatement. I usually like to eat breakfast with J but he gave up after a while and moved his oatmeal and fruit into the den with his Legos. I gulped mine (cold) in between cutting up onions and stew meat. We were 45 minutes late to the play date (sorry Michelle!) but I did manage to get the kid fed, lunch made and packed, dinner in the slow cooker and me and J bathed and dressed.

A wonderful time at the zoo and J crashed in the car on the way home. Not surprising since he ran from animal to animal with barely any time to pause. I carried him upstairs and lay down with him on my chest (trying to keep him asleep, we've had trouble with transferring him recently). I gently rolled him off and he snuggled into the crook of my arm and started breathing evenly. We lay like that for a while, me savoring a fleeting moment, before I felt the need to get up and get things done.

So I have a sweetly sleeping child and a house that smells incredible. I think maybe I am Super Woman.

pausing to look at giraffes

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