Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today I am

Giving myself an attitude adjustment - every little thing J has done the past two days has driven me bats*** crazy and I need to change the way I'm dealing with it and the fact that he's not really doing anything except being three.

Taking J to a makeup class for gymnastics which will hopefully tire him out, a little because we have...

A HUGE list of things to do and I'm feeling overwhelmed. Plus I am....

Picking up paperwork for J's preschool - he starts two days a week in the fall - EEK!! He's ready, and whether or not I am totally depends on the day. Yesterday I would have happily dropped him off. As i told D, there's a reason they start preschool at 3, it's so they make it to 4.

Hanging laundry on the line before the rain tomorrow.

Freezer diving for dinner, I'm just not in the mood to cook. There's nothing like a well-stocked freezer for those days when you're lacking inspiration.

Sending healing and hopeful thoughts to my uncle in the hospital.

Enjoying the Mr. Money Mustache forum - it always inspires me.

Super glad that my immediate thought/reaction to D getting his bonus was "what investment account do you want to put it in?" versus my previous thinking of "lets shop!".

Making do with the water containers we have for the hens instead of buying a new one - yea for frugality! Baby steps :).

Mailing the cards I made to my 'pay it forward' people and for a birthday present - I hope they like them, I sure did love making them. Though the thought of them ending up in recycling somewhere kind of breaks my heart a little.

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