Sunday, March 31, 2013

A weekend with extended family

This is basically a love letter to my family.

Once a year, my whole extended family comes together from all over the country. Grandfather, aunt, uncle, my immediate family and all my cousins and my cousins children. Four generations of us gathered together ostensibly celebrating Passover but really celebrating us. Our family.

We cook and hang out together, catch up on each others lives, marvel at how the children have grown, how big the babies are now and just revel in being together. These once-a-year long weekends are very precious to me. I adore, respect and love my cousins. They are such wonderfully fascinating people and they have all married people who are equally intelligent and fun to be around. I wouldn't mind being stuck on a desert island with any one of them.

The children are all close in age and are really, really neat kids. Watching J start to worship his 'big cousin L' and love playing with all his cousins reminds me of how it was for me growing up with my cousins.

The knowledge of my family surrounds me and makes me feel safe and warm. Having family that respects and accepts who you are, who loves and supports you, that you can always rely on and that is super fun to be with is such a blessing and privilege. I realize how wonderful it is that J is getting the chance to grow up with this as well. I wish my family all still lived close to each other but, as J grows older, I foresee travels to visit ahead of us. Luckily everyone lives in really neat parts of the country but even if we were stuck in Dullsville, Boringtown we would still find ourselves having a marvelous time full or laughter and creating amazing memories because its the PEOPLE, our family, who really bring joy and happiness to us.


  1. Well said Robin.
    What always gets me, in addition to the above, is watching the uncles and aunts interact with my kids. I mean, I think my kids are fun and I'm glad others can see that as well!

    1. I agree completely! We do have some pretty neat kiddos in this family :)