Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eco-friendly goody bags

My son's birthday party is today. In order to keep our sanity, we are hosting it at my son's gym and having the party catered from a local sandwich/pastry shop. Totally over the top? Why yes, yes it is. I am perfectly aware that I am insane for doing a three-year old birthday party this way but it seemed completely sane at the time we booked everything.

Anyways. In the grand birthday tradition of kids parties, I have put together goody bags for each child attending. While I think the idea of a goody bag for a kid attending a kids party is right up there with wedding favors, I actually had a really good time putting these bags together. I wanted to go as eco-friendly as possible and also create something the kids would actually use and keep. These are the things I found.

Cotton muslin bags - rather than using throw away paper or plastic bags, I bought un-dyed muslin bags. They're sturdy enough for kid use and I hope they get played with at least a little.

In each bag I put:

A 'Smencil' - a scented colored pencil made from 100% recycled newspapers. They come in their own tubes so they're rather festive looking.

A Stencil - I bought a packet of 24 and stuffed each bag with one of the. J loves drawing and doing stencils so I thought it would be a good, lasting gift to include.

Dinosaur Notepad - teeny, tiny and super cute.

Yummy Earth Lollipop - We try to avoid sugar, but what's a goody bag without a little treat? J loves these organic lollipops so I tucked one into each bag.


  1. What a great idea for goodie bags!!! And, there is lots to be said for outsourcing a party so that you can relax and enjoy the party with J. Betcha he is over the moon. Hope he gets lots of Legos:)

    1. He did get a HUGE box of Legos - he had a very good birthday and there wasn't a spot of food left :)
      Outsourcing the parties from now on.