Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chick Update

Man these babies grow so fast! I forget that about chicks. I am learning it about children.
We are going to start building our new bigger coop next weekend - the older chicks are going to be ready to go outside by mid-April and I'm ready for them to be somewhere other than the play room. As much as I love visiting them and listening to their peeps, they make an INCREDIBLE amount of dust. The whole play room is going to need a thorough scrubbing after they vacate the premises. Plus they're so much bigger and more active than the chicks that are only 2 weeks younger. They pretty much ignore the babies but as Chicky Chicky and John Deere vie for 'Queen of the Coop' honors, the little ones spend a great deal of time in the corner. They're going to need more room very soon.

The plan is to build a coop that can house up to 12 hens and put it in the chicken run we have on the side of the house. The older hens will then roost and lay eggs in that coop. The babies will go outside into our current coop/walk in pen that can be blocked off from the run. It's a perfect way station for them. The older hens can get used to the babies and the babies will be protected from the older hens until they're closer in size to them. Thanks to D for the brilliant suggestion.

Personality-wise I really love Logan. She (fingers crossed she IS a she) is fearless, friendly and happily comes to my hand, falls asleep on my knee, likes to cuddle against my neck and runs to the door rather than away when I come in. Plus she's going to be gorgeous. Chocolate and Peanut Butter are super sweet and cuddly. I'm looking forward to them getting bigger and seeing how they develop. Chicky Chicky has definitely taken on the role of big sister to them and they cuddle up to her during naps. That may also be because she resembles a big fluffy pillow. She's the most unusual chick I've ever had. John Deere kind of resembles a vulture because she has her body feathers but nothing on her head, she also is pretty friendly. I think I lucked out with this batch of chicks.

John Deere

Chicky Chicky Chook Chook

Super fluffy feathers and long feathers on her feet and legs


The babies - Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Feeding time!


  1. Oh, watching them grow. Green with envy on this St. Patrick's day.

    1. They're very fun to watch - I like having them in the house for the social aspect but boy howdy - the MESS. They are sweet though. I hope all girls or I'm going to be sad.