Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today I fell in love.

Well it's the day for it isn't it?

Luckily for my husband (who I am already in love with), what I fell in love with was a replacement for the Trader Joes yogurt in a tube. The TJ yogurts have been a favorite with J for a long time but at 9 grams of sugar per tube they definitely aren't a favorite of mine. Plus I have no idea about the quality of milk, additives and ingredients (etc, etc, etc).

Other than having absolutely no confidence in the ingredients, I love the convenience of yogurt in a tube. It is super easy to take on a picnic for part of J's lunch, when frozen it makes an awesome summertime treat and there's something very fun and kid-friendly about being able to suck yogurt out of the tube. They feel like a fun treat, plus J really loves them.

About a month ago my sister in law posted a link to an etsy shop selling these things called SqueeZurts which were billed as a replacement for the yogurt tubes. On a whim, and because I trust my sister in law's opinion, I ordered a starter kit. Could they be the answer to my prayers? (Not that I literally prayed for an alternative but I was pretty close some days). Today I used them for the first time and WOW where have these been my whole life? Seriously. They're that awesome.

I whirled together (in my food processor but a blender would work just as well), half Greek yogurt and half homemade yogurt for about 8 oz total. Then I added a tablespoon of juice from defrosting some raspberries and 1/4 of a cup of frozen raspberries. Because both the homemade yogurt and raspberries were pretty tart, I added some honey, about 2 teaspoons. The color was lovely and pink and the flavor refreshing without being overly sweet. I taste tested it with J before I filled the tubes to make sure he liked it.

The starter kit comes with a squeeze bottle for filling the tubes and it honestly couldn't be easier. Fill the tubes about 2/3 full, lay a twist tie across the top of the tube and roll it up at least 3 times and twist it closed. I put mine in the freezer and they froze super fast. I pulled it out after about an hour to take to the park today and it was still cold and kind of slushy when we had lunch. J loved it. I had to help him because it was mushy but he'll be able to do the frozen ones by himself. And finally I have peace of mind and I don't mind how many he eats because I know he's getting something good for him.

Frozen SqueeZurts - how pretty they are!


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    1. They are fantastic!! A 'why didn't I think of that?' product.

  2. I'll need to get those as well! Great find, Robin!