Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today I am

  • Looking into what new cheese I'm going to try making next month - I'm thinking English Coulommiers (it's also called English Farmhouse but Coulommiers sound so much more interesting) - and shopping at for the necessary items, including camembert molds. Awesome.
  • Appreciating the day after a rainstorm and the bright sunshine and super clear skies and views.
  • Enjoying J playing with his eco-kids playdough, he's making all sorts of delicious 'foods' and bringing them to me for sampling.
  • Making yogurt and hoping it works. Every time feels a little bit like a wing and a prayer.
  • Creating a menu and grocery list and thankful my husband does the grocery shopping.
  • Amazed that it's almost my birthday - where does the time go? Didn't I just have a birthday?!
  • Perusing the chick list at Concord Feed and sighing over all the awesome chicken breeds - I know I'm going to end up getting two (they have Marans! Wynadottes!) more instead of just the one I was thinking of. And maybe more later this summer...I do love a Blue Andalusian.
  • Thinking of what to make for my 'Pay it Forward' people.
  • Uploading all our pics to Shutterfly. As the images of J as a baby go past I'm getting rather sentimental.
  • Listening to my favorite Big Band station. Something about this music makes me happy.
  • Looking forward to carnitas for dinner!
  • Adoring that J calls sardines 'sarbines' and that he actually eats them.
  • Very happy that instituting the new rule of 'one hour of tv' seems to have worked without any fuss for J (or myself).

What do you all have going on this lovely Wednesday?


  1. I am so glad my little post on English Coulommiers was of help. It is a nice cheese, fun to make, quickly ready to eat and fresh-tasting. Let me know how it goes.

    P.S. Your son telling stories to the chicks is adorable.

    1. Thank you! Today he was 'reading' to them. I'm very excited to try the cheese - and try your potato salad recipe. I need to send D and J out to the wine barrels to dig up some of our potatoes, that recipe looked SO delicious.

  2. The big birthday is when???


    1. March 6th :)
      J's is on the 19th so I tend to focus on his though I do love a birthday if only for the presents!