Monday, February 11, 2013

10 things that are making me happy today and two that are ticking me off

The ten delightful things that are making me happy:

1) Being able to deposit checks using my phone - awesome!

2) Depositing my first check for card making (thanks mom!).

3) A new Terry Pratchett book to read. I love Terry Pratchett.

4) Lots of tasty leftovers for lunches and dinners this week.

5) One full week of potty training and only one accident. WOW!

6) Hanging my laundry up to dry. Hilarious since it was a chore I hated as a teenager.

7) Bacon.

8) Big Band music and old movies.

9) Shower snuggles.

10) Making cheese crackers with J.

The two things that are ticking me off:

1) My back is hurting from making cards. How pathetic is that?! I know it's because of how I'm bending over the table to work on the cards and I don't know how to fix it.

2) Too many cartoons!! I need to just turn the tv off but I fear the screaming and it's my fault for turning it on in the first place. Argh.

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