Saturday, February 23, 2013

Things I want to remember from this week

J still says 'tookie' instead of cookie
J reading to the chicks, showing them his new game, playing cars next to them
Sitting with my friend/neighbor catching up while our kids played
J eating tomato soup and having half of it down his shirt - but loving every bite that did make it into his mouth
Playdough and painting and card making
Kombucha working!
Yogurt working!
Fresh pasta
Hanging up laundry in the sunshine
New baby chicks - they're so sweet
J calls a firetruck a firebus
J is a horrible back seat driver. We turned his car seat to face forwards and he's always saying 'red light stop!!'
There's been a lot of food action going on this week started by two very interesting and informative articles. One and Two. I love having conversations about food. I know we can be better by sharing our knowledge and information
I started a Facebook group/society/cult (kidding). The Makers, Bakers and Fermenters Society. Open to all!
My daffodils are up and the trees are budding
It's warm enough for capris and sandals
J forming a new tradition of reading with D in the morning
I just feel happy and complete and replete.


  1. Oh daffodils & sandals, how I envy you:)
    Sounds like a great week filled with wonderful memories.