Saturday, February 9, 2013

10 little things I've changed in order to keep my sanity

1) Removed all news apps from my phone - I found myself scouring news and financial items during my 'down time' and, amazingly enough (sarcasm), since the majority is negative, I found that it would affect my attitude the rest of the day, I felt serious relief when I deleted them. And honestly, if something noteworthy happens, I'll find out about it on Facebook.

2) I stopped reading about celebrities. I confess, I love the snarky websites like 'What Would Tyler Durden Do' and 'The Superficial'. I also liked the celeb portions of the Daily Mail (I have a weakness for UK celebs) but it was giving me a false impression of how life should be.

3) I started reading blogs from women and men that I admire. Who live a simpler, less materialistic and consumer-based lifestyle. Blogs like Soulemama.

4) I also started reading fewer blogs. Without my face buried in my phone, I find have more time for things I want to do. Writing this blog included.

5) I stopped reading the blogs that instantly made me dissatisfied with what I had or that made me feel like I needed something new to be happy. The Daily Connoiseur is one of them. While I've really enjoyed her blog, it seems every other post had been making me feel like I need to buy something.

6) I give myself a break. So I didn't clean the whole house yesterday, so what? J and I had fun at a pizza party and I managed to get a tasty dinner made. This house isn't going anywhere and neither are the toys and dust.

7) I stopped posting my entire life on Facebook. Like the French I'm maintaining some mystery. Ok, I really just want to post only the really exciting/interesting/joyful things. No one cares that I'm going grocery shopping. Along those lines, I'm doing my best to not check Facebook constantly. It gets a lot addicting.

8) I've turned off the tv and turned on the radio (Big Band or Jazz). I've also stopped recording sports events or movies that I'll never watch. Very freeing to not have the tv on at most times.

9) If I don't feel like making dinner, I freezer dive. That's the point of freezing our leftovers anyways, to have on those days (or weeks) when cooking just isn't going to happen. And I feel zero guilt for doing so.

10) I'm learning to let go of expectations of how things should be and am just enjoying the moment while I'm in it.


  1. I think I need to adopt some of your list (or a lot of it) for myself!

    1. I'm so glad it helped! Or at least provided the impetus for helping :)