Saturday, December 29, 2012

This morning we woke to blue skies and the possibility of a warm sunny day.

Rainy yesterday feels like I spent the entire day (minus a break for wine tasting) saying "no", "don't do that", "put that down", "don't stick that in the plug!", etc, etc. Exhausting and not much fun and not at all what I want to remember from a vacation to a place I love. It even flickered across my mind that maybe we shouldn't do this again next year.

Today I decided that I would make the day about J and go where he led. After breakfast we played his first board game and let him make up the rules. He painted and did play dough while I sat at the same table and wrote in my journals. Instead of being irritated for not having a clear, uninterrupted ability to write, I let myself enjoy changing his paints or making imprints in the dough. Then he decided it was time to play outside with the balsa wood airplanes but since he wanted mommy to watch too, I was outside enjoying the warm sun and joining in the laughter of the loop de loops instead of doing dishes. Lunch and then a walk to the pond and barn, stepping in every puddle along the way. I mentioned once that it would make his feet cold and wet and then gave in and just enjoyed his utter delight in splashing around. I don't want him to fear puddles, water or getting dirty and it's all washable. It was so warm when we got back to the cabin that we stripped off his soaking clothes and let him enjoy the sunshine nekkid. A pure, joyful morning with only a few of the 'almost three' crying fits.

Now that it's nap time, I have that time to myself that I crave. I will confess that I'm hoping for a long nap. The peace and quiet is awfully nice.

We have plans for more board games and puzzles after nap....

So I read these French parenting books and they all are very focused on how the parents do not cater to the children, the children do their own thing and behave themselves wonderfully leaving their parents alone, etc. I have no idea how they do it. Not all of it is for me, but J is my complete focus and doesn't seem happy unless he has my complete attention at most if not all times. There has to be a balance and I'm trying to find it. Though today has been really fun :)

Update: J slept for 3 hours! :)

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