Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's been a while....

It has been churning over in my mind that there is quite a correlation between keeping fit, eating healthy, losing weight and fiscal responsibility and health.

These (along with some motherhood patience issues) are two parts of my life that I'm going to work extremely hard at this upcoming year and beyond. I want my physical and fiscal health to become a fundamental part of who I am. So ingrained in my daily life that I can barely remember a day when being fit, active and responsible wasn't my normal way of life.

The inspiration for the physical side of things came from (cough) several rather unflattering photos that have been taken over a series of vacations. Let's see, there was the one at Disneyland of me sharing a pineapple whip with Jacob and looking like a...well an extremely large pineapple myself. Then the videos and pictures of me in Boston. Ugh. Let's just say I have no desire to continue to resemble this bloated and blimpy version of my former self. I'm 46 and need to lose 15-20 pounds to really feel like myself again. I give myself a year. And then I am keeping it off.

The fiscal side of things came rather suddenly. An income stream that we had been counting on rather suddenly went away. Resulting in the proverbial belt tightening in the financial sense. In reality, it was a wake up call and a reminder to appreciate what we do have (and it's so very much) and a large, LARGE, call to get back to the simple things. And enjoy them. I can feel the waves of concern coming from my mom. Don't worry mom. We are fine. This was a wake up call to jump off the consumer merry go round.

I have had a book on my kindle for months called 'Simplicity Parenting'. Oh the irony in having a book like that sitting gathering the proverbial dust and not having the desire or time to read it. I'm making the time now. And I think Jacob will thrive. As will we all.

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